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it's been awhile!!
 babybread - (themirrorscold)
10:46am 06/06/2007
~that.girl~ posting in ~BABY BATTER * BUN IN THE OVEN * BABY BREAD~
jayna had her 2 month well baby check up yesterday.

(at 9 weeks/2 days) she is 10.6 lbs and 22.5 inches long. she is very healthy and has started smiling. she is very alert and very good at holding her head up. she also loves, loves, loves tummy time!!! she still wakes up 2x/night to eat, usually around 12-1 and then 4-5. she sleeps in her bassinet most of the time but comes into bed with me between her 12-1 and her 4-5 feedings. :)

i need to post new pics but i can't find the camera.
damn move!

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06:36pm 06/06/2007 (UTC)
Sounds like she is doing sooo well :) I can't wait to see her again, but I know how it is when you move. :)
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