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jayna update
 babybread - (themirrorscold)
02:59pm 21/02/2008
~that.girl~ posting in ~BABY BATTER * BUN IN THE OVEN * BABY BREAD~
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1) last friday (2.15.07) jayna stood up on her own. (10.5 months, exactly)

2) *she grew teeth. finally! she will be 11 mo. old next saturday... i thought she'd be toofless forever! but the bottom two have popped through. (just over 10.5 months, almost 11 months)

*travis went in the basement last night to balance his checkbook and he came upstairs and he couldn't find her anyway. she had crawled upstairs and was playing with alysen in the bedroom. our stairs are VERY steep and she made it up there all by herself. she's also gone up them like 3x today. i finally figured out how to block them... i am short one gate. then she sits at the top and cries/whines until someone comes to get her. she is so funny.

*she also stood up again last night. i was at work so i missed it but travis told me.
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08:16pm 31/03/2008 (UTC)
Happy birthday to Jayna tomorrow!!!
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08:19pm 31/03/2008 (UTC)
thanks missi!! i can't even believe it.
our camera is broken so i can't even post 1 year pics. :( maybe i'll get a disposable and then just develop them & get a disc...
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